Sample Fastlane File with crashlytics and slack integration

fastlane_version "1.106.2"

default_platform :ios

platform :ios do
  lane :beta do |values|
    increment_build_number(xcodeproj: "myApplication.xcodeproj")
    commit_version_bump(xcodeproj: "myApplication.xcodeproj")
    gym(scheme: 'myApplication', export_method: 'ad-hoc')

    emails = values[:test_email] ? values[:test_email] : ['', ''] # You can list more emails here
    groups = values[:test_email] ? nil : nil # You can define groups on the web and reference them here

    crashlytics(api_token: 'crashlytics_api_token',
             build_secret: 'crashlytics_build_secret',
                   emails: emails,
                   groups: groups,
                    notes: 'Distributed with fastlane', # Check out the changelog_from_git_commits action
            notifications: true) # Should this distribution notify your testers via email?

    # for all available options run `fastlane action crashlytics`

    # You can notify your team in chat that a beta build has been uploaded

      slack_url: "",
      message: "Successfully uploaded a beta release For myApplication - see it at",
      channel: "#my_slack_Channel", 
      payload: {
        "Build Date" =>,
        "Built by" => "Fastlane, Fabric & Crashlytics",
      default_payloads: [:git_branch, :git_author, :last_git_commit_message]