RxSwift Basics - understanding observables and observers

Before we jump into basic fundaments of Reactive Programming, I woule like to share an real-life example here.

Let’s assume, in a classroom, Professor is giving lecture. Students are listening/observing/paying attention to Professor’s explaination. Bell peals as lecture duration is complete. Professor ends his/her lecture. Class is dismissed.

Here, I’ll try to same things by injecting few words/jargons of Reactive programming, in above example.

  • Professor is observable.
  • Students are observers.
  • Professor is emmiting words/knowledge
  • Students are receiving.
  • On lecture completion, class is dismissed.

Now, I’ll say the same set of things in complete Reactive terms.

  • Observable - to which observers/subscribers can listen/receive events.
  • Observers/Subscribers - those who are listening to observables.
  • next - Next is an event in which observers get data from observables at periodic times. For example, during data download, observables can emit chunks of data, using next, to observers.
  • onComplete - An event, which is triggered by observables once they are done emitting.
  • dispose - This is not event. To avoid memory leaks, all subscribers/observables are needed to be disposed.

Let’s understand things which I’ve just said by an example.

import RxSwift

print("--- Example of: First RxSwift Code ---")
// 1.
let name = "Sagar"
let fathersName = "Rajeshbhai"
let surname = "Kothari"

// 2.
let observable: Observable<String> = Observable<String>.of(name, fathersName, surname)

// 3. 
let observer = observable.subscribe { event in

// 4.
let bag = DisposeBag()

// 5.
observer.disposed(by: bag)
  1. I’ve collected data here which needs to be emitted by observable
  2. I’ve created an observable with given data set with of operator. Here, I’ve created a string typed observable. It can be of any type.
  3. Here, I’ve created an observer, which subscribes to events of observable. On receving an event, it will print the event received.
  4. I’ve created a DisposeBag which will be used to dispose observers.
  5. This line of code will dispose the observer.

Output of above code looks as follows.

--- Example of: First RxSwift Code ---

You being an eagle-eyed reader, might have spotted completed at the end of console log. Yes, you’re right, observable also emits completed event.

Let’s refactor above code with some RxSwift features.

import RxSwift

let name = "Sagar"
let fathersName = "Rajeshbhai"
let surname = "Kothari"
print("--- Example of: Second RxSwift Code ---")
let observable: Observable<String> = Observable<String>.of(name, fathersName, surname)

let observer = observable.subscribe(onNext: { string in
}, onCompleted: {

let bag = DisposeBag()
observer.disposed(by: bag)

And output is as follows.

--- Example of: Second RxSwift Code ---