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Just waiting HiI'm not sure about doing this, but here goes. Bottom line fuck. I don't watch sports and I could give a fck what the housewives of what ever county or the jersey shore kids are up to.

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I mean, I dropped by one of their furtive little meetings last month and one of their directors, famously angry clown Matthew Dunn, was so rattled by my presence that he stormed out of his own meeting. John Walker Ph. John Walker!!

There is a transcription of this remarkable document after the break. And then the applications started rolling in! The first applicant I have information about was evidently Ms. Ladiea

And the next applicant that I know anything about is our old friend Taylor Freaking Bazley! Do his friends at CD11 know about this?! About a month ago Taylor Bazley interviewed for the job.

After his interview he sent a sycophantic thanks-friend! The hiring committee evidently found it difficult to get in touch with Tara Devine. Finally, Ben Besley got an email from admin venicebeachbid.

Tara Devinesplaining that Tara Devine was too busy to talk to him right now but maybe later! Oh for goodness sake, friends!

Day before yesterday I took an astonishingly complex combination of public transit routes out to the the wild and untamed-by-rule-of-law hinterlands of Studio City to attend my very first meeting of the board of directors of the Studio City BID. And Lord, what a scene! What a raving conglomeration of angry white men!

Thus, tonight, you get a lighthearted highlights slash bloopers reel of some of the oh so crazy antics of these oh so crazy hof. When I first arrived in the meeting room 1 there were board packets at every seat at the table.

Board packets everywhere! Additionally, incompetently pedantic flunky Damien Gatto was shuffling self-importantly about the place so I asked him to see a copy of the packet.

And this request for a board packet to look at was not asking for a favor. Gotta love the intense commitment to public service evinced by this pocky little sucker on the public tit, eh?

Anyway, he then stumbled off St Johns adult personals his lair where, I am guessing, he was set straight by Emmy-award-winning zeck dreck John Ladies want hot sex Kevin Montana 594543 because when he came wabt with the Montna they did, lo and behold and so on, include the top secret financials.

You can read that toppest secretest board packet, complete with the ultra-toppest ultra-secretest financials that spotty little minion Damian Gatto did not want you to see by clicking right here!

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