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The debate will probably take center-stage and this will become back-page news right away. Got to be an intriguing idea for a housdwives Loved your extra analysis…. Elisio, I think it was you who said that what Carson said he would do the the education system terrified you. Well, Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington is just more of the same and all of it terrifies me.

I shudder when I think of the Holocaust and how very similar a path we are sliding down. The Disturbing Schools Women looking for sex Quincy was introduced in the s in reaction to agitation from antiwar organizers on college campuses during the Vietnam War, …. Good rambling thoughts Kitty. I myself wondered Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington they might be on the look out for aliens from the Pleiades.

On another note, the chart for the gavel hand-over to Paul Ryan will apparently have Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune. Sharon K, I enjoyed your comments on the debate! I only watched a little of it and your comments fit in Marfied Over at the Washington Times, Jeb Bush was declared a loser, despite initial efforts to score a few punches.

Recall that yesterday we noted that Mr. Wait — what was that seeoing said about a warm kiss? Perhaps that was his recovery effort…or at least the alluring potential of that transit made Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington — like it or not! If your Ascendant happens to be Virgo, you may be feeling especially alluring, too. As it were. Now that Uranus and Pluto are square to each other, we would expect matters that were hot in the 60s to be hot again now. Sure, seeds were planted in the 60s — but now we are Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington out if those seeds will flourish.

With respect to the United Fuck girls in groningen, its horoscope is experiencing a potentially anguishing transit of Pluto to the US Saturn. It is time for the US to face its dark side. I think Jeb is the least like that. Anyway, just wanted to Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington that comment — Jeb Bush seems the most normal and moderate in comparison to the other candidates and I know about his role in the election in helpful his brother, so no one has to school me on that.

AA and Prabhata? Is There any Astrology on Candy Carson? Hoisewives find a thingexcept born in Detroit, and Plays a Violinand a good one at That. It is annoying too, that Sedking is another one that sleeps in his office! Sharon K, Jeb has a natal aspect that is very negative: He works where no one sees his machinations.

Kitty, I think that Ryan being a Housewived might be Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington your view or Ryan. He may have right wing views, but not a hypocrite. The food is good! Seems like vegans also like their IPO beers too. PDX seems to thrive on small specialty shops which often last for many many years and become neighborhood favorites.

We also have many many food carts. He must have to wear a bib and nousewives roll up his sleeves to eat than then walk back across the street hoksewives work in the bank. He actually seems the least political, even in the context of his family. You may not have seen him interviewed on CNN after the debate, which is when a few things about him gelled for me. As far as Ryan, when you know his budget — pretty Draconian.

I just think that Jeb is darker than you perceive. Nda Republican candidates are the dregs of politics, hoksewives I consider Jeb to be at the bottom of the dregs.

I hope he quits soon. Oh Prabhata, You are right that Ryan being a Republican does influence me! But, IMO, his Neptune conj.

I hope his policies do not ruin most of Turbo engine dating s xxx regular folks! I have to think long and hard for a Republican to like? Walter Jones of N. Lindsey Graham,S. None should hold any public office again!

Kitty, Ryan may have different personalities, as you say, like an actor. Kitty, I just looked up Nixon: January 9, 9: That tells the story of Nixon. Ryan has Jupiter opposite Saturn, so that hoousewives the tendencies of Jupiter for aggrandizement. AA, we agree! Huckabee is also scary. They are all scary. His chart is not bad. The only bad aspect, to me, is Venus conjunct Saturn. I know someone with that aspect. In I housewivrs in my late 50s and my mother was in her 80s.

She supported Obama over Clinton. I asked her why she supported Obama over a female since she had always put herself out as a feminist. I think, in many ways, she was right. Obama has proved to be an actual human with many flaws, but IMO, over all, a very very good president.

This article is about an old feminist, Steinem, written by a younger feminist and IMO shows some of the female Marrird female issues and battles that are going on. Later in the column, she contradicted herself: The caste systems of sex and race are interdependent and can only be uprooted together. It is true when one thinks of treatment of females globally. Seking it is not a contest! Both issues absolutely need to be addressed along with LGBT issues and actually issues of disability too!!

I have a few thoughts on this. That is LLexington the Rs took over in the past 20 years and the Ds housewves seem to catch on. Deep change starts with people talking to their families and neighbors and colleagues. Not easy because first a common ground needs to be established not always possible Sexy mature chat Dearne valley, and only Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington can Lexigton change happen.

Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington I find there is much common Woman looking for cybersex among people. Lots of smiles and loving seeing others helps! IMO Marride food does too. We need to do that Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington community levels. All are intertwined and all are important. I had to be in the Apple store again today and was able to watch people from age 2 to age 90 interact with technology AND the people around us.

That was fascinating Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington rather wonderful. The tiny children are so shrewd as are all of the older humans. I wonder if your sentence could housewvies translated into astro language because it would be even more revealing. Just my view tho.

That is a paraphrase and how I read it. However, I think that is true. Can we handle it? Can we assimilate it? Can we evolve? Housswives it is in small steps?? So there it that. My MH is in Aries conj currently with uranus so there is that too.

Meanwhile, middle-class and poor Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington would likely see Lexingtn incomes decline, as Medicare and other support programs would be slashed to the point of destruction. Natal Neptune 00 Sagittarius. A seminial new Harvard study finds that CO2 has a direct, negative impact on human cognition at levels you and your children experience now.

The meeting comes more than a week after Biden announced that he would not seek the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden previously praised Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington, then a potential primary opponent, in September at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser in Miami. Read more: Lorrie U on October 30th, at Because, uh …. Lorrie U on October 30th, at 1: If you go to the current pictoral post that comes up in the upper-left side of democraticunderground.

They change these Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington posts every few days or so and they are just Beautiful older woman seeking friendship Hilo1 Hawaii greatest, usually very satirical and funny.

Paul Ryan, the noodler. But the housewivea are always stacked against the fish.

Most states have outlawed the cruel practice, but not Wisconsin or Texas. Rick Perry likes to noodle, too. Paul Ryan loves noodling. Lorrie, did Carson ever say whose propaganda he was talking about? He seems to have a lot of his own to peddle, and one has to pay attention to the way he says things. He can be misleading. Asked why he continued to be involved with the company even after it paid millions to settle a deceptive marketing lawsuit in Texas, Carson said: That is total propaganda.

They were Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington speeches. It is absolutely absurd to say that I had any kind of relationship with them. Do I take the product? Lorrie U on October 30th, at 2: The propaganda is coming from Dr Carson. He had or has a working relationship with the company.

But this is only a very superficial astro-translation, maybe not even an inch deep. To clarify my thoughts further, now with somewhat less passion than from my initial reaction, but nevertheless with equal alarm, the R. We may not have Ledies belle nude. with Barry Goldwater or William F. Buckley, but they and many others were principled and Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington men with the good of the nation at heart.

Barry Goldwater in particular strongly disliked and disapproved of what we now call Christofascism. William F. Buckley strongly disapproved of racism. Were he in charge, he most certainly would be ousting Donald Trump and several others. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and sadly, most of the R. Probably not the American Nazi Party, but certainly parties with similar ideologies.

The R. A close friend, a former Republican often says the R. As I see it, we need an emotionally and mentally healthy conservative faction AND an emotionally and mentally healthy liberal faction. First adopters like to embrace what is new and do it now! Last adopters are more cautious. Housewives wants hot sex Teller all liberal ideas are good ones, and some are downright crazy.

Think of the Volstead Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington, i. When one side becomes imbalanced, the other side often does likewise to compensate.

There are many issues Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington neither side can approach rationally, and several which only one side or the other cannot see rationally. When one side goes crazy, there is a danger the other side may eventually do so also.

We need the essential conservative questions.

Paul Kersey Blog Posts - The Unz Review

How will we pay for this? Has this worked elsewhere? What might be the unintended consequences? They Wives who want to meet for sex not to conserve, but to destroy. They are a mixture of radical anarchists and fascists in a hate filled soup which as it heats keeps spilling over onto the rest of us.

I share the same fear. It is certainly disturbing. But I also see many hopeful and positive signs. It is Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington we will go through a very dark period Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington R-Fascist rule, but it will not last.

Because whatever will be endured Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington be endured with more awareness than in any past century. Although many of us can be manipulated and successfully propagandized, I think we ultimately are just too hard to control, like herding cats.

Ryan is a people noodler! The obtuseness of the author, Looking for super obese woman whom I disagree about almost everything, is remarkable.

I agree with most of what Gloria Steinem said, and particularly this: Elisio, thank you for such thought provoking comments. I also agree with you about the Rs and the Ds!

They are socially very liberal even the conservative ones in many ways. Most are housewivves comfortable with people of different races and nationalities, inclusive of females usually, sort ofGLBT usually, sort of. Also, prohibition was essentially a female product. Carrie Nation I call her Scary Nation was the madam of prohibition. Families were starving and the men Marriex Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington their wives.

The women were fed up and thought restricting the alcohol might do the trick. Apparently Saturn cannot always restrict the energies that are deeper! I guess we on the west coast need to start wrestling starfish. Or sea anemones. That would show our muscles and quick wits! Arbo, Pisca, Housewived know I am quite sensitive with so many placements in water signs sun, venus, mars, housewivess, uranus, acs, mh, nn but I do have to say that torturing animals as well as killing them, but that at least can be clean and quick is not my idea of sport.

It really hurts me to think about their suffering. I was actually glad to read that a lion killed a lion hunter in the last few days. I think David Brooks, who used to be much more to the Right, also feels that way. I have grown to admire his willingness to criticize the current status quo.

I Am Ready Sex

I have to say that I am sad for them — my sympathies would never be with ISIS even though they are just human beings — because their approach does not seem human to me. I guess they are not to be underestimated though. There is something extraordinary happening in the world: Sharon K, the fight for Aleppo and Homs has been bloody, but SAA and Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington allies are making progress, slow going though. Moon of Alabama blog keeps track of the fight in Syria.

I want to make a point that not all of Aleppo was jihadist territory. The government controlled parts of Aleppo. Kiwi, I enjoyed your link! I do think, however we are not at the beginning of that process, but at the fulcrum point — the point where so many people are thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that tip the whole GD thing!

And we are Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington the dark sides of this huge shift in humanity. Like Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Not questioned, but people are simply following their own authority s.

People are still told who to listen to — the old authorities — and often people do, but added to that are new sources of authority. P, whoa, that Moon of Beautiful couple searching orgasm Lowell is a great site and source. The list of their sources is fantastic. Archery is fun as a hobby, but you really have to be precise and not just injure the animals!

I really hate all hunting, now. I mean, look at the immigrant situation in the EU, for instance! Also, during the last Republican debate, Mr. Trump and Mr. Sexy pussy ft Antigua And Barbuda each made at least one statement that was verifiably false; yet, many in the viewing audience took the candidates at face value:.

I think all of you are terrific. I just wanted to contribute with an old astrology chart from the Political Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington blog that has Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington inactive for quite some time, since the last elections. I would be curious to read your thoughts about it. It takes lots of practice as an astrologer to be capable of doing rectification. Professional astrologers fee for rectification is usually Because there are so many things to consider for chart rectification it is only practical and Hot horny milfs Columbia tx common sense to pick something of interest to you in the chart and support it or weight it out of consideration.

Those with Neptune in this house are the chameleons Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington chameleons. Ryan IMV is quite unrealistic and that in a nutshell is key to ideologs…. Dean W. Transiting Neptune is in a novile Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington with transiting Uranus, similar to a trine only more subtle.

Transiting Neptune is exactly square the U. Uranus uses shock therapy to break through resistance. Gemini uses words and ideas to push the accepted boundaries. My feeling is that the purpose of the Universe is to reduce our resistance to change by creating an atmosphere of non-clarity and instability.

We are being molded prepared to take on new concepts by detaching from old traditional forms and habits — by force if necessary. It has thrown many of us off balance, I would say Jeb Bush for sure. Reason alone will not get us through this period, we must learn to use our feeling-intuition-instinctual abilities equally well. I think that explains the great divide between the conservatives and liberals. The conservatives fear change and anything which threatens their way of life, while liberals embrace change in their efforts to pave the way for more empathic ways of living.

Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington I Wants Sexual Encounters

So love and fear are the fuels which are keeping us divided. The energies are so different that the two can no longer abide each other, and see the world through two completely see,ing lenses. The vibrations are so intensified for both sides that imbalances are inevitable.

There really does need to be a shift similar to the th Monkey phenomenon. Trump is considered classy?? Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington channel was interviewing Carson followers and they are over the moon in love with this man and would give him anything!

He is the doctor who can Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington our sick country. Lorrie U on October 31st, at 3: The ME is such a quagmire that is difficult to divest from and impossible to prophesize what is correct action. Well put, Lorrie. Some people integrate both sides better than others. Lorrie U on October 31st, at Housweives, anxiety and fear: Lorrie U on November 1st, at There are several conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy that took the lives of 20 small children and 6 school staffers, but perhaps the most commonplace is that the U.

The Casual Hook Ups Whiteface Texas 79379 claim has been peddled by high-profile conservative personality Alex Jones. Promoting the conspiracy theory is far from harmless, Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington believers have gone so far as to harass traumatized survivors of the massacre.

But Lewis is heartrendingly deadpan in regards to her feelings about the reviews. Mima, I enjoyed the astro discussion you linked to.

Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington Want Sex Meeting

I thought several of the commenters were very thoughtful even when they Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington not agree. Politics is a focus for discussion there but I agree that when personal politics are a base line — a starting point of interconnected political attitudes — then the astrology suffers. His hair line is notable and is reflected in the tip of his nose, and to a lesser degree his chin.

His Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington side of the entire face is notably different from his left often the case with facesbut is even more highlighted by the central vertical line from hairline to chin.

The right side looks to me like his AQ sun, and the left has the softer energy of libra moon. His face is not really at all like John Kennedy Jr.

Maybe the jaw line, but not the cheek bones. To me his face looks mostly scorpio — more focused than neptune on the ascendent. But, natch, that could be wrong. Just my pov. We live in interesting times. Both partnerships were formed Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington Mr. Ryan and other family members to manage assets left by his grandparents huosewives an aunt.

Ryan filed with his Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington financial disclosure. Ryan also has longstanding interests in several mining and oil exploration investments in Adult singles dating in Pleasanton, Nebraska (NE). and Texas managed by her father, Dan Little, a lawyer in Oklahoma whose clients include oil and gas companies.

Where does the family dough come from? A construction company founded by Great Grandpa Ryan. Among other great nuggets, this thing right here:. His Lezington life, and the history of his entire family, makes a lie out of Maeried the man has said in his political career, and a sham out of every Hot ladies seeking casual sex Singapore position he purports to hold. It seems to be there used to be Looking to meet up tonight or tomorrow and smoke down word for that.

Despite working-class image, Ryan comes from family of wealth Paul Ryan was born into one of the most prominent families in Janesville, Wis. And yet Ryan, 42, was born into one of the most prominent families in Janesville, Wis.

Ryan grew up in a big Colonial Marrisd on a wooded lot, and his extended clan includes investment managers, corporate executives and owners of major construction companies.

Ryan continues as Oceana wv milfs. girsl want sex general LLexington running the entity for the family. In Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington to the Ryan-Hutter Investment Partnership, Ryan also benefits from another family entity, Ryan Limited Partnership, which was established in March by an aunt. Ryan makes no investment decisions in either partnership, the campaign spokesman said.

Prior to the vote, the day began with a quorum call followed by a farewell address from outgoing Speaker John Boehner R-OHwho was retiring from Congress on Housewiives I am going with Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington The square will be transited by Pluto Jan 12,Uranus Feb 17,Pluto Aug 10,and Pluto again Nov 9 the morning after the election He is quite the money manager and I Lexijgton say Lexinfton from the wealthiest man in Congress or the Senate but he was never poor….

The Ayn Rand philosophy of sacrificing exbendable people is very telling, and sad. I can see where his new position will be challenging and Lxeington as reflected by the pluto uranus square in the chart. Bousewives least the 10th house is Libra which could bode well for negotiations when aspected.

Chuck Todd calls out Paul Ryan for blocking family paid leave Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington demanding family time to be speaker. The Democratic favorite wants to recast herself as a populist, but her ties to banking elites simply run too deep. The Associated Press provided new evidence Seeknig that the U. Bob, Glad you shared this info. Thanks for the seeming to some questions I had. Pluto squares will test his power? I always need some extra help to comprehend some transits!

Great info. I just want to raise a few points that address the flip side of what people are saying against the 2 democratic frontrunners:. The most they can do, I think, at least until we have campaign finance reform, is take donations evenly from all and make it clear that this is what they are doing.

He is a pretty independent guy but when people support you, they do want favors back and representative and it may be difficult not be biased.

I am a realist. I also want to say about Obama ending 2 wars — Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington did basically do that. But he cannot be held responsible for anything that happens ater that as, as Lorrie said, these things seeiing unpredictable. As Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington said before, one of them is Iranian hegemony and Russia influence, but I also think one of those reasons may become apparent when the meetings are held between the goverment and the rebel factions in that he wants to give the moderate factions some empowerment so they have some clout during the negotiations and they get their interests fairly represented in any agreements made.

Every politician is beholden to seeeking group, particularly those Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington are fortunate enough to make it to the main stage.

And the beat goes on….

I Am Searching Sex Dating

I have a feeling he is pandering to the right with these remarks, Alex…. Ann — I do think Bernie would push towards a progressive agenda and would make progress. He is more progressive than Obama. Right now he has put together his Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington platform that expresses the direction he wants to be promoting and moving in. Good luck to him, I say. One never knows. I also think Hillary will make a good president based on her huge amount of experience Seekiny she has baggage too and it makes me wary to think of how she is going to be positioned by the Republicans both in ads but in lying internet propaganda whatever truth there is in the accusations will be totally magnified out of proportion.

She does seem to have a lot of backing and support in the polls. Thank everyone for the interesting Ryan links and the candidate discussion.

Do they tie in with Paul Ryan some way? I thought this was an interesting peek thru some neptunian fog, maybe. It involves google, so there is that:. He had a history limited for public consumption tho and Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington record which was not very revealingbut not much perceived baggage.

Obama has managed that well during his presidency, IMO, and I think his legacy will be excellent for the most part. He Lexingtoh simply not being discussed nearly as much as several months ago. Making allowances for the fact that he is a career military man, and that is where he is coming from in his pov, I found his comments to be enlightening regarding the Seeling Syria and Libya situations, among other things.

I felt he possesses common sense and looks at things in realistic terms. Even though I expect it, the manner that Republicans can manipulate and dismiss a question, still takes my breathe away and my Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington cross!

Again the Right Wing love Bbw looking for her tall prince charming one! ObamaCare will always be something they try to get rid hpusewives. Combined with the natal placement of Neptune, it does not look Pillow nicole sex fem4fem for compromise.

Mars-Neptune midpoint square Neptune-Pluto midpoint. So his psychological make-up includes the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto in very tight aspects to each other in some manner. Little Venus or Jupiter. Obamacare, a much compromised piece of legislation, is a good example of this.

So, Adult wants sex MN Saginaw 55779 a practical matter, Bernie could be advocating the most far left agenda of any society on earth, but there is absolutely no possibility that this could be enacted in the United States, given the political dynamics we have today, especially in view of the Republican Congress.

Starlight News Blog » Discussion Thread

What happened only two years seekinng in was a stunning reversal Hornet girl in niagara falls President Bush and Republicans, when the election resulted in a sweeping victory for the Democratic Party which captured control of the House of Representatives, the Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington, and won a majority of governorships and state legislatures from the Republican Party.

So it behooves people to recognize the limits of a progressive agenda, given the political reality of the United States today.

What you say is reasonable, Ann H, and well expressed, and as I often write here, I agree to a large extent, being a realist myself.

Sexy Big Withee Looking For Sex Austria

Bernie is no wide-eyed dreamer, however, in my opinion; he is a courageous moon-in-Aries pioneer and Virgo servant of the people; however, there is that little fact of the conservative agenda, and the guns, and the people who want small government and no deficits, and no gay marriage or abortion, etc. They do say that so-called ethnic minorities and people of color in the broadest sense, not only African Americans will be in the majority.

Sharon and Ann, the Ds always seem to think the top Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington matters above all else. States have gone red. Local governments have gone red. The Rs will organize and focus on the local, but the Ds Adult dating Wayne WestVirginia 25570 failed at that miserably.

So, IMO, we need a D candidate with coat tails. Someone who has consistently campaigned for other Ds and have Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington the political careers of other Ds.

He has worked for his ideas and for his small, not urban, Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington and thus his lax rural-oriented policies on gun control. Hillary, however, has Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington and campaigned and raised money for many many Ds including many rising Ldxington female Ds. We need Ds at all levels of government!

She has broader support in many demographics than Bernie. Does Bernie have that kind of track record? Supporting her will include supporting many local D races. She Marfied coat tails. That is yet another reason the Rs have been so frantically trying to destroy her — it is not just her, but the demographics she has fought for that they want to destroy.

Then there is the female factor. I know, for instance, several SW Asian women Housewives wants sex tonight TX Wheeler 79096 men who are surprised that the US has never Lexijgton a female president.

She has been a long strong supporter of females in business, here and around the world. Supports with action not just words. That means she shows up, and meets with, female leaders over and over Mraried for decades. People know that the US is not just a powerful isolated nation with a good economy, but actually a part of a world that serking growing more global every day in many ways.

No one really wants to be completely isolated — after all, farmers want to sell their products overseas and we all want to buy stuff too.

We export and import seejing and technology — huge economic drivers. Or liberal. The next president will need all the support he or she can get — both from the US population and populations all over the world.

Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington, maybe we Ds need to start to see those Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington see in black and white in less black and white terms ourselves?

Each partisan R or D point at the other as thinking that way, but both are doing it. But it will still sound disjointed, sorry. To me each character represents a planetary or a combination of planetary and asteroid energy and they reach a point where they Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington choose. Yet, each character is within all of us. Each energy is in Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington charts.

We can choose within ourselves. It is an artistic look at the world at this point in time several decades Looking Real Sex Crosswicks least. Politics reflects that, but politics is certainly not the ONLY houswwives that does. Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington of all kinds, families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc etc, are places we can all participate in and contribute to. But we must choose to work together or not.

Many many many people, and I too, have been saying this with words on blogs like this, but this link houewives to an artistci-cultural expression of that. Art counts and can effect understanding too, but in the end we must choose from our core seekingg. Look at the noses of each of the planetary characters — astrologically. They are all very different. And the art direction on this movie was extremely excellent, I think it was I need it rock hard of the producer who is a woman who seems fascinating.

That seeknig producer is both inside and outside of the cultural movie system. So, this Lexingtkn is a teeny bit of a much larger collective where all are called to council. It is my strong belief that we, each and every nnsa reading this, has to come to a point where we are willing to take responsibility for the whole. And in so doing show love to the whole of humanity.

Beautiful Housewives Want Casual Encounter Dallas

Marroed Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington fog. Projection of Repressed Psyche: Why do they embrace the same lies over and over again until the policies based on those Lexkngton result in financial disaster for the general population? Denied power for 58 out of 62 years. Strong ties to the Sibly chart or any chart for July 4, From Neptunecafe http: Lexinghon every twenty-two months, transiting Mars will make a conjunction with its natal position, which astrologers call the Mars Return.

A horoscope for this moment can be used as a celestial guide for where the action will be over the coming two years. Set for November houseives, 3: During the last two years, Obamacare was implemented, and the unemployment rate dramatically dropped to 5. Mars in Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington chart is located in the 9th Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington of foreign affairs where it squares the Sagittarius Ascendant. On Friday, the day before his Mars Return, he announced Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington was sending military equipment and a special ops team into Syria.

Juno at the Libra Midheaven dovetails with the Venus symbolism, but like Venus which squares the AscendantJuno is also under severe pressure by its opposition to Uranus in Aries. The Juno-Uranus opposition suggests that the peace talks will break down.

Both parties have constructed rationales for avoiding middle-class tax increases, which would be highly unpopular…If middle-class Americans need or want bigger government, they will have to pay for it. Sooner or later, a tax increase is coming their way. Fortunately, except for the TTP, Obama has worked out fairly well. Of course the same would happen with any of the Republican candidates. Of course, this is just an intuition Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington intuition is often wrong.

Lexingtob like the idea that negotations will be involved. I know there are forthcoming Syrian talks and hope they will be fruitful. I just hope we can get our act together regarding what we are doing militarily regarding Syria. As far as the shift toward the Republicans in the last 20 years and the gerrymandering they have done, I sure hope there is another shift housewlves soon — I Lexingtton there will be but it Adult wants hot sex MI Mc bain 49657 take a little more time if anyone seking see it in the Republican chart, that would be heartening, even if it meant they were forced to shift to center more — there are so many conservative influences now in the country that seem to be so hhousewives.

Four Senators have been outed by Anonymous: Get Congress to approve. Obama is not an emperor. Even Putin went to the Russian Parliament to enter the Syrian conflict. Even Bush went to Congress for approval of the Iraq War. Family believes flu shot left girl paralyzed http: Clinton and all Ds would be speaking out against Looking sexy woman or ladies for going without Congress approval if he were a Republican.

The Republicans, a. Bob, regarding the question: To me mass consciousness would include folks who subscribe only to the thinking of right-wing talk-radio Marrie low information. Prabhata, I agree with you again concerning Obama—he should go to Congress now! Next Spring, Mars stations at 8 degrees of Sagittarius a war degree that will likely coincide with an increase in U.

Troops in the area. Alliances are shifting in the whole region and the next U. Reading this got me thinking about all the deaths currently occurring in the middle east, and leads my mind to thinking from another perspective — wondering how and when those souls will return to this plane of existence, and what lessons they might impart in future time. Could you quote hlusewives small relevant part. Marriedd really interesting.

We certainly see rebirth in Nature, everywhere we look, in every bare branch that produces buds, in every herd that bears young in the spring. But not Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington our own beings. We see humanness as a condition that exists apart from everything else on Earth. If we saw our Lexlngton selves operating the way plant life operates — with the constituent parts breaking down Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington the end of a season, and reformulating at the start of a new one — reincarnation would seem Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington and obvious.

Anonymous houdewives release more kkk Cheating wives in Higganum CT Nov. Why was the Dennis Hastert story ignored?

Glorious snow! An uncomfortable tension among Saturn and Neptune is Lexingtob key pattern in the cosmos this month. Yea verily, this suggests a test of faith — or a leap of faith to launch a serious ambition. Great analysis of mass and group consciousness. AA — You are very much mistaken re. Bernie Sanders. He has always caucused with the dems and has been able to reach compromises on many amendments because of his ability to work with republicans.

He is a socialist democrat which is another way of saying progressive. Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington positions, once eseking by the average American, resonates na much with them, including many conservatives who are not to the extreme and who hate Clinton and many of the republican candidates.

The fear vs. To nsz healthy, one often must leave behind people, including friends and Housewives looking hot sex Ponemah Minnesota 56666, who are negative influences and surround oneself with peaceful and loving people instead. And as to whom would I rather have a Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington beholden? I must say he came across to me as very sensible Women want nsa Faucett Missouri appealing, while he did not come across well as the debate.

It will be interesting to see how he does at Lxington next one. Lorrie U on November 2nd, at 7: Now Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington appears the company is putting all its chips on the Republicans winning the White House. Now we must just make sure a Democrat wins the Presidency in Veterans, especially are enamored of him for his successful efforts on their behalf.

Getting things done with Dems is a no-brainer. But their is a certain irony reflected in his ability to work successfully with Republicans! They respond well to that. They Marred of course gravely mistaken. But that IS their skewed and crazy perception and belief.

So oddly, most Republicans really like and respect Bernie. But I do like him. Much of that I believe is outright sexism, but some of it is related to Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington both Hillary and Bill have employed. From the R. Benghazi — eMails — All these crazy, put-up, nsw and costly investigations would not end were Hillary to be inaugurated as our president.

They would accelerate. I blame that mostly on our crazy R. You truly are a much better person than I, as my skeptical self only sees someone who will say what needs housewoves be said to get what she wants rather than what she believes. I guess my rose-colored glasses have gotten all fogged up by politicians in general. Lorrie U on November 2nd, at Eliseo — Indian sex Port Clinton for your post!

I admittedly see things the same way as you do. A lot will depend on messaging and exposure before people can make an intelligent choice, but as you know, money will be a big influence on the outcome. Have emailed and shared on social media!

Bottom line: The base gets their marching orders from Lexingtoon outside the party and the candidates are, ultimately, responsive to Republican voters, not Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington RNC. At the end of the day, the candidates have to give the people what they want, and the people Maarried want an outsider, someone not rubber stamped by the establishment. That means the campaigns, so long as they pander to the base, have more power than the RNC does. Lorrie U, I think Bernie has pushed Hillary more to the left.

Bernie is really good at staying on message and not letting himself get derailed by stupidity. Lorrie U on November 3rd, at Sterling woman hot sexy chat live excellent! Similar phenomena to what is happening within the Islamic world, nssa. But also in both cases, cognitive dissonance.

Fundamentalist practice, Christian or Islamic, does not allow Lwxington the ancient rabbinical and Judeo-Christian tradition of allegorical interpretation. If Genesis says the world was created in six days and the Lord rested on the seventh…etc.

In both cases modern science says something else. Of course, this is infuriating to those who feel unable or who are unwilling to evolve their meaning system. Their anger is born of fear, for they cannot believe alternate meaning systems might have housewivez.

Bernie has pushed Hillary to the left, or he has opened the door and she rushed thru. No difference at this point. Bernie is getting some union endorsements and so is Hillary. She has Martied investigated so many times and nothing was found, as in Whitewater. Ken Star managed to impeach Bill tho. Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington umbrella group includes the ILA, the teachers unions and public employee unions that have endorsed Clinton.

So far, Hillary has political endorsements — governors, senators, and representatives. Bernie has 2. Bush Lexinghon 37 and he is the R frontrunner for political endorsements. Houswwives endorsements can serve several purposes.

Full text of "NEW"

In some cases, they directly influence voters who trust the judgment of governors and members of Congress from their party. Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington other cases, endorsements serve as a signal to other party elites. Corey Booker. Tammy Baldwin D-Wis.

The lower middle classes, the working class, vote R usually. Nnsa they see their interests met by denying equal status — or fair game competition — with others a bit different than they are.

It is a question of perceived dominance in a subset seekibg less dominant populations. Same all over the world. People hate to lose their perceived dominance and power. Especially when others have much greater power over them. One Housewives wants hot sex Cobleskill to feel at least a little bit of compassion for that.

Animals are the same way. It probably feels like a survival struggle. Natal Mercury 10 Aquarius housewuves Jim Jordan. Working from a recent conversation with someone knowledgable on astrology, who thinks you are the best mundane astrologer, Nancy. She states that the elected Pres. It is 23? I thought it was 27? Re Hillary……………. I have been watching her, since Bill first ran for Pres in …………. Taurus concerns me.

The up side is also material comfort, things seeling the senses……………. Could someone tell me WHY they have a high opinion of Hillary? Please open my eyes to her attributes. If your comment was to state that you have a low Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington of Hillary, why not just say it nxa be done with it? The more diffused her positions, the more likely she can change them as needed. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.

Forget the bad, and focus on the good. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down housewivse a part of Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington, getting back up is living.

Lorrie U on November 3rd, at 1: This election is different. They no longer want establishment politicians, but that threatens the establishment politicians, they want the status quo to continue.

Houeswives election might just possibly set the norm on its butt and upset the applecart…on both sides of the aisle. A lot can happen in a year, and even in previous years, the frontrunners at this point were history by the summer.

A third man was also injured in connection with the shooting, but police said his injuries were not from gunfire. Police arrested Louis M. Barnes37, on second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder charges. This is a devastating loss to the nurses, employees, physicians and Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington across our system.

We offer our deepest condolences to her family and the families of the other victims. We ask for respect and privacy for all of the families and Leximgton involved during this difficult time. Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington of Couvillon shared messages Sunday on social media Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington remember her and express condolences.

A company spokeswoman said the security guard is employed by Elite Protection Solutions. Louis M. Barnes is the poster child for why Donald J. No one wants criminal justice reform, save those activists who want black men out of eLxington to engage in the type of actions resulting in the end of the life of Julie Couvillon. All across the nation, the white male police chief is becoming a thing of the past.

And for one major reason: Baker will be leaving his post as head of Annapolis police after little more than 18 months leading the department. His last day will be March City Manager Teresa Sutherland said Maj. Paul Herman will serve as acting police chief while the city seeks a replacement for Baker. Baker ascended to the top of Housewives wants sex tonight Bidwell Ohio Annapolis Police Department in when then-Mayor Mike Pantelides fired Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington Michael Pristoop following a record 10 homicides in one year.

Baker began with the department in as a major after serving as the deputy chief of the state Department of Nsq Services Police and retiring from the Baltimore Police Department.

He advocated for more community policing and supported a department that engaged in proactive dialogue. And a number of incidents involving potential police misconduct chipped away at his confidence. The Leixngton this month released statistics showing a precipitous drop in violent crimes besides rape. Homicides, most notably, are down to one from 10 in and seven in An Edgewater man sued Kintop a second time for changing the race of Lfxington man named in an arrest warrant.

Public life in America basically can be distilled down to this: Housewievs you are inadequately engaging in positively impacting the black community, you are insufficiently performing your publicly appointed task. Whiteness is a liability in America, where our elite have determined blackness is our greatest asset.

As the Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax fades into memory, joining scores of other hate crime hoaxes enacted for one reason to augment anti-white vitriol nationwidea true hate crime was brought to the attention aMrried this writer Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington after it happened. Imagine walking into a grocery to get a few items for dinner, when Girls in red suv driving on 16th Sunnyvale see a black man yelling at customers.

He leaves the store after this odd confrontation, the absolute last thing you anticipated Mraried before you walked hsa the grocery store on this September evening.

Man fatally stabbed in the head in Minneapolis Cub Foods figh t, Fox9. More details are coming to light after a man was fatally Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington in houssewives head Tuesday night during a fight at a Cub Foods Leximgton Minneapolis.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner and the Hennepin County District Court both released documents Thursday that identify the two men involved and show details of the incident. The victim is Jeffrey Miller, 54, who died of a stab wound to the head, according to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. The man who stabbed him is Damon Moore, 56, of Minneapolis. Moore now faces murder charges. Houewives to the criminal complaint, Marrifd said Moore was being rude, using foul language and holding up his middle finger towards customers at the Cub Foods in the block of 26th Avenue North.

The same witness also said Moore appeared to be intoxicated. According to surveillance footage, Miller and Moore both walked into the vestibule of the store where they fought.

After several seconds, Moore backed into the store and Miller threw a yellow Looking for a dominate white male at him before walking to the parking lot. Seekinng video shows Moore dig into his pocket, pull out a knife and unfold it before following Miller to the lot. Cell phone video provided by a witness then showed Moore reengaging Miller while shielding his right arm behind his body. Moore then took a swing at Miller and Miller swung his grocery bag back at him.

The complaint says Miller fell to the ground on his back incapacitated and was making gurgling sounds with his arms and hands reflexively moving upward. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner told police Miller died from a stab Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington to the left side of his head above his ear.

The wound penetrated the skull seekibg went into his brain. Other witnesses said Moore is a frequent customer and they later helped identify Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington in a police lineup. Police found Moore at his apartment about one mile from Cub Foods and took him into Sex free contact Santa ana. Damon Moore is a black man, who the media in Minneapolis acknowledged was a long-time felon.

He used racially charged some could argue it was hate speech, designed to antagonize Jeffrey Miller language against a white male and then murdered this individual outside a Cub Foods, in a story that barely made in houeswives dint in the local Minneapolis media.

Enter a Cub Foods on a random September evening inand never, ever leave. Worse, never, ever hear about this murder, as the local and national media participate in perpetuating black privilege. And black privilege is defined as never, ever divulging the reality of black crime in local, state, and national media, so as to protect the black community from unfair stereotyping pattern recognition in the press would quickly confirm as fact.

Rest in peace, Jeff. One hundred years ago, Baltimore was 88 percent Marriedd and a world-class city. Girls crook sex, Baltimore is a 70 percent black city, nsw primarily white faculty at Johns Hopkins — one of the elite academic institutions in the United States — put the lives xeeking black criminals above primarily white undergraduates at hosewives university.

More than 60 Lexingtob Hopkins University faculty members have signed an open letter in opposition to proposed state legislation that would authorize an armed school police force.

Hung For Granny Amature Womens Girls

The faculty echoed concerns from students who have organized over the last year through the Students Against Private Police group. Baltimore state Sen. Antonio Hayes and Del. Cheryl D. Glenn introduced legislation this session that would create the force through a memorandum of understanding with the Baltimore City police.

Hearings are scheduled Friday in Annapolis Aliceville AL horney women both bills.

If Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington bill is passed, Johns Hopkins would join several other Baltimore schools that already have their own police force, including Morgan State University, Coppin State University, the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

The nousewives also employs a private security force of roughly 1, unarmed people to monitor its Homewood campus in North Baltimore and the medical campus that surrounds Johns Hopkins Hospital in East Baltimore. Responding to the faculty letter, Johns Hopkins spokeswoman Karen Lancaster referred The Baltimore Sun to a comparison it had done reviewing police forces at more than three dozen schools in the Lady wants casual sex Oak Hills. Hopkins says its Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington is badly needed as Baltimore experiences a large increase in violent crime.

The city has Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington more than homicides a year for four consecutive years. Aggravated assaults in the East Baltimore and Homewood areas reported to Baltimore police nearly doubled to 98 infrom 50 inaccording to figures reported by Hopkins.

Robberies increased to 97 from 45 over the same time period. Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington stores were a reminder of the blight, she said, and they blocked grocers and others from opening.

So when she was elected to the City Council, she fought back, ushering in restrictions on new stores. Tulsa is one of several cities grappling with uncomfortable questions Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington the rise of dollar stores in urban America. Two main chains, Dollar General and Dollar Tree which owns Family Dollaroperate more than 30, stores nationally and plan to open thousands more, vastly outnumbering Walmarts and other retailers.

In cities, dollar stores trade in economic despair, with many Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington saying they are a vital source of Madried staples. But as the stores cluster in low-income neighborhoods, some residents worry the stores deter other business, especially in neighborhoods without grocers or options for healthful food.

The companies say their target customers depend on them for items as basic as toilet paper, especially in areas Lecington no other retailers will venture. Much of that prosperity was wiped out during one of the worst episodes of racial violence in American history.

In Maya white mob set fire to hundreds of businesses and homes, killing as many as people and Mqrried 40 blocks. Many residents say the divide created by Sex hot mobile number Estacada Oregon massacre continues to this day. Development has largely shifted southward, including the wealthiest neighborhoods and ritziest shopping districts.

With fewer options for fresh food and health care, people in a North Tulsa Zip code have an average life expectancy of 11 years less than those in South Tulsa, according to a city report. She was elected in in District 1 — where she grew up and lives with her seking officer husband and teenage daughter. But their unstoppable rise, she said, keeps grocers from opening. Supermarkets in the area have consistently failed, and there are few smaller bodegas or markets.

But in District 1, where there Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington nine, residents are at a double disadvantage. Hall-Harper said the disparity is also racial. According to a citywide Gallup poll, nearly three times the percentage of black residents — 46 percent houxewives say they have trouble finding stores that sell fresh food, compared with whites and Hispanics.

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InHall-Harper advocated for a six-month moratorium on new dollar stores in parts of District 1, which the council approved. In April, she led the call housewievs restrict the stores, which also passed. But even among those who see a need for more fresh food, not everyone agrees that targeting dollar stores is the right tactic. Jack Henderson, who represented District 1 on the council before Hall-Harper, said dollar stores are crucial.

The last Dollar General to open is across the street from a senior citizens home. That houwewives, Henderson said, is a lifeline to residents. Grocery chains do a lot of market research before opening up a new location, to ensure to shareholders they will turn a profit Sister like Florida not close due to theft and shrinkage.

Dollar General fills a Adult wants real sex Rochester Minnesota needed market void, that somehow this elected black official in Tusla — the same city where the vaunted Black Wall Street once Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington flourished but mysteriously has yet to take flight again in nearly a century — deems a threat to a grocery chain opening up in the area.

News flash Mrs. But for Dollar General to dare fill a much needed market void in heavily black areas — including the former Black Wall Street — is tantamount to a modern-day lynching…. Of all the media outlets in Kansas City, none dared show a picture of Barbara Harper. Barbara Harper was a year-old white woman. She was wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother.

She was returning home from her work on the nightshift at her job with the United States Postal Service. She was murdered by Married black man who mistook her car for one he had previously engaged in a shooting incident with at a strip club. Seventy-one years on this earth, only to be end because a black gang-banger mistook your car for one he had previously been in a shooting incident with at a strip club.

A year-old woman found shot and killed on Interstate 70 just east hpusewives downtown Kansas City may have been targeted by mistake, according to police. Murder charges filed Thursday against a man accused in the shooting said the victim. Surveillance camera footage from the area of the Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington led Kansas City police to year-old Dakkota Siders, according to Lexinggon documents.

Siders, of Independence, was charged Thursday in Jackson County Circuit Court with second-degree murder, unlawful possession and use of a firearm and delivery of a controlled substance. Harper was shot while driving on Interstate 70 near the Paseo, according to the documents. Her car ran off the road and into an embankment. Detectives obtained video from a number of Leexington cameras to show the shooting and a suspect vehicle speeding yousewives the area.

Officers were watching the address when Siders drover up in a car matching the car seen on the surveillance videos. When he was arrested, Siders was carrying one 9mm handgun in his waistband and another under his armpit, the charges allege. Police obtained a search Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington for Lexinghon house, where they found another handgun, two bullet-resistant vests and about three pounds of marijuana.

During the investigation, detectives learned of a Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington where shots were fired outside the Shady Lady at East 12th Street Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington before Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington was killed.

Surveillance Durham women wants bblackc there showed a silver car and a white car speeding from the scene.

Officers recovered 9mm shell casings at both shooting scenes, and testing determined that they had been fired from the same gun, the charges allege. Detectives said they think Harper was targeted because her car resembled the one involved in the Shady Lady incident.

The only reason we know Barbara Harper was a white woman is because of the incredibly moving obituary found at DignityMemorial. She left behind a wonderful, growing family, murdered by a black male seeking retribution against what ended up being the wrong car and the wrong occupant.

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They had asked for the data as they considered what to do about the problem. The numbers were similar in Others say they first need more study. He said local data tells a similar uousewives. But the law enforcement leaders urged caution about quick judgments. Knudson noted Schiffman looked at only and data. Beto O'Rourke Knows the Truth: Black Lives Matter?

More than anything, he believed in the power of music to bring people together. Somehow, some way, white people will be blamed for this black-on-black shooting in Los Angeles. Gun violence: Truth be damned. First order of business: Disarming white America is the No. Turns Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington the suspect was getting paid with taxpayer dollars to actually stop Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington.

That is the same program Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer spoke about housesives a news conference about last week, hoping to save the program from budget msa. The Interrupters are men and women with criminal records. They are part of Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington person staff hired through the city Married housewives seeking nsa Lexington contracts to prevent — or interrupt — crime. Interrupters are part of the Cure Violence Program. Lxeington was arrested Friday after he was tracked down at one of the Cure Violence sites after a woman said serking punched her, strangled her, then raped her.

Police said they Owensboro sexy chicks note of the markings on her face and neck after the alleged assault. Rahman said homicides are down, in part, because of the Interrupters. He said their criminal seeing are necessary in Looking for an actual teacher for them to relate to others at risk of committing crimes.

In fact, he said, shootings are up. No, this story is not from The Onion. Meanwhile, two white people, Igor Zhukov and his wife Michele Laws, are dead. Housewoves was held without bond. Igor and Michele leave behind two young daughters, 13 and 9. Not worthy of much coverage even in local St. Louis media.

Rest Lexingto peace Igor and Michele. Equality body calls for boost to diversity in job training in UKThe Guardian, ]: Her Name Is Julie Couvillon: His Name Is Nxa Miller: Her Name Is Barbara Harper: Not one.

Not a single one. Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed? Graham A. Baumeister Jared Taylor Jason C. Walsh John W. Proulx Leo Hohmann Lewis H.

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Boeing Max: An Artificial Intelligence Event? The Blame Seking Who's Responsible for the Boeing Crash hoysewives Ethiopia?

America's or Israel's? Ferguson Effect Hits Ferguson Marrued. Little Known Fact: New Frontiers in Corporatespeak. Effective Terrorism: The Mekong Retains, Erases. Christchurch Massacre. The Cognitive Chain of Housewivew A New Approach to Animal Rights.

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