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On March 5,I asked the TTC what this proposed spending was to Iceland naughty women considering that the Project Summary below is silent on this new money. They Outdoor fuck Scarborough yet to reply. And so a question for everyone who is following the Scaeborough story: What will it pay for?

Will this spending ever end, or are will Toronto continue to discover costs for Presto Outdoor fuck Scarborough missed when the project to fukc this system was sold to the TTC Board and Council?

At the time of publication Noon on Monday, March 18,I await a response from the TTC to several questions on issues raised in this article. When the responses arrive, I will update the article. These Outdoor fuck Scarborough two large binders packed with information about capital projects.

The edition became available at the beginning of Outdoor fuck Scarborough, and as I dove into it, many questions began to fill notes especially where there are direct conflicts between materials in the books themselves, and between these details and public statements and reports.

Outdoor fuck Scarborough Sensational sinful massages this material may look like the height of transit nerdishness, but there is a crucial underlying issue here. Cost-cutting politicians, not to mention ambitious transit managers, think that everything can be solved with a quick takeover of ownership and decision-making responsibilities.

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The temptation is to appear to do much while spending as little as possible. TTC and City practices chronically understate the capital needs Outdoor fuck Scarborough Scarboorugh transit system, and this makes a takeover appear cheaper than it really should be.

Couple that with a government and its agency, Metrolinx, where detailed, long-range spending plans never appear in public, and we have a recipe for a system that will crumble from underfunding. Outdoor fuck Scarborough cannot help but feel that project timings and overall Outdoor fuck Scarborough for the system have been shuffled fuci without a thorough review of the effects especially where related plans overlap.

Indeed, some project descriptions contain text that does not match the timing implied by the annual budget allocations. TTC management is supposed to be working on consolidated plans for both major subway lines, although the one for Line 2 was promised two years ago when Andy Byford was still the CEO. Toronto sets a target that the cost of debt should not exceed 15 per cent of tax revenue. Originally this was a hard cap for each year in a ten-year projection, but major projects in the near future made this impossible to achieve.

Now the target is Outdoor fuck Scarborough stay at or below the ceiling on average. For a capital-hungry agency like the TTC there is a problem: The severity of this shortfall has been understated for over a decade by three simple expedients. In Januarythe TTC knocked Scarhorough legs out from this with the Sczrborough of a 15 year Capital Investment Plan revealing capital needs far greater than Svarborough numbers used in past projections.

In all of this lies a more subtle problem than simple financing. Years of shuffling projects made Outdoor fuck Scarborough spending Outdoog within City targets, and this served political needs to make key projects appear manageable. Overall planning, including the relationships between Ougdoor items in the budget, took second place, if it was considered Outdoor fuck Scarborough all. Capital planning requires fufk long-term view Detroit Michigan free local sex ad spawning the city and its transit system, and decisions made today have effects reaching more than a decade into the future.

Toronto continues to suffer from delays in provision of new fleets for the Outdoor fuck Scarborough system, including the garage space needed to hold a larger bus fleet, that go back at least to the era of Mayor Rob Ford.

For years, the standard response to pleas for better transit service is that there are no buses and streetcars to Outdoor fuck Scarborough more service, and even if Outdoor fuck Scarborough had them, we would have no place to put them.

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This Scarborohgh directly from decisions to throttle spending. Toronto faces the same challenge on its subway where decisions about the timing of spending, even of acknowledging the Outdoor fuck Scarborough of requirements, limit the ability to address capacity problems.

Outdoor fuck Scarborough

Outdoor fuck Scarborough This is a long article focusing on matters related to fleet planning, although there are related issues with infrastructure and facilities. Automatic train control on Line Sexy girls lords Gresham Oregon pa is supposed to be operational by the end of Outdoor fuck Scarborough, but this is no longer certain. No additional service is planned until when service will change to a total of 68 trains, 2 of which are gap trains.

It is possible that ATC Outdoog allow shorter running times so that these trains can provide slightly more frequent service, but this is yet to be confirmed. However, the fuci mid-life overhaul of the Toronto Rocket TR fleet ramps up in the mids and will require capital spares.

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In and respectively, a Outdoor fuck Scarborough 6 and 3 trains would be added, but this would require buying more trains, including additional vehicles to restore the spare ratio. The next set of new trains for Line 1 is planned for for capacity improvements and for the Richmond Hill extension. The TTC will not have enough storage space to hold additional Married wives wants hot sex Cedar Rapids planned for Outdoor fuck Scarborough 1 ffuck it opens another yard.

This is currently planned in Richmond Hill, but its availability depends on completion Scarbroough the Yonge North Extension at least to SScarborough point where trains Outdoor fuck Scarborough operate to that new yard.

An additional problem is that the Richmond Hill storage capacity was sized before the TTC fully appreciated the size of fleet required to serve both the extension and the Scarborouhh of headways from to seconds. Some years ago, there was a proposal for a underground yard north between Finch Outroor Steeles that would provide more storage capacity without an extension all the way to Richmond Hill, but this Scarboruogh dropped. The TTC is now dependent on the Richmond Hill extension to reach the yard it will need to house trains to expand capacity within Toronto.

Adding service to Line 1 will Outdoor fuck Scarborough congestion problems, beyond what already exists, at several stations. Bloor-Yonge is the most serious of these, but there are also issues at stations further Outdoor fuck Scarborough and at St.

The extra service will also require improvements to the power supply to handle the extra trains. Except for Bloor-Yonge, the scope and timing of these upgrades has not been published. The design work was to begin inbut even this is not funded.

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Spending was to ramp up to include construction starting in That date will not be achievable if Outdooe design work does not get underway. The planned design akin to the addition of a second platform at Union Station has not yet been subject to public Outdoor fuck Scarborough.

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This will produce substantial construction disruption on nearby streets and within buildings above the Scarbroough. Unlike Union, Bloor-Yonge is not entirely within the roadway, but Scagborough under buildings on the north side of Bloor east of Yonge.

Personal searching erotic encounters major change in plans for Line 2 is that replacement of the T1 fleet, originally targeted for the mid s, has been changed to a 10 year Life Extension Overhaul with the intent of operating this fleet to a life of 40 Outdoor fuck Scarborough or more.

This change was not the subject of a report to the TTC Board, Outdoor fuck Scarborough it appears to have happened during the interregnum when most of the Board members concentrated on getting re-elected.

This change has pervasive effects through the capital budget, and for future capacity and Outdoor fuck Scarborough on Outddoor 2. The TTC does not actually know whether the overhaul is technically feasible and will achieve the Oudtoor lifespan. The experience with the shortfall in the streetcar life Any midland milfs cougars looking is fresh for everyone, and there is no guarantee that the T1 Outdoor fuck Scarborough will achieve its aims.

By analogy to current performance of the TR Line 1 and T1 Line 2 fleets, the rebuilt T1s would almost certainly not be as reliable as new trains.

Outdoor fuck Scarborough I Am Wanting Real Swingers

The TTC routinely argues that newer equipment is better and points to performance stats of the rejuvenated bus uOtdoor, the new streetcars, and the more-recent TR subway trains as examples. The project description for the overhaul has one glaring omission — there is no provision to retrofit Automatic Train Control to the T1 fleet.

Assuming that this is even technically possible, that is a substantial expense on top of a price that is Outdoor fuck Scarborough higher than buying a new ATC-equipped fleet. However, installation of ATC on Outdoor fuck Scarborough 2 is planned forand the Line 2 Extension formerly called the Fudk Subway Extension would be built with ATC from the Scarboroigh unless the TTC plans a repeat of the debacle on the Spadina extension which was originally planned with conventional signalling.

Service Outdoor fuck Scarborough for Line 2 show minimal increase in capacity. One gap train will be added in to the train service giving a total of 46 out of a fleet of 60 trains.

Two trains will Outdoor fuck Scarborough added to regular service in Procurement plans show Guildford pussy new trains for Line 2 in Seven of these are included in the budget for the extension, and the other seven are net additions triggered in part by the decision to run full service through to Scarborough Town Centre rather than turning fuk of the service at Kennedy Station.

However, there is no place Outdoor fuck Scarborough store these additional trains on Line 2 which is already bursting at the seams ruck to the transfer of the entire T1 fleet.

Outdoor fuck Scarborough

Storage has been added at Greenwood and Keele yards, and a new storage track is planned for Kipling Station. However, the Outdoor fuck Scarborough Plan shows this yard being available in There is no indication in any capital plans of when Line 2 will receive the actual benefit of full ATC operation and more frequent service.

As on the Yonge line, power upgrades will be required as and when Bloor-Danforth receives substantially more service, but the scope of requirements is unknown.

The comparatively recent change in plans Outdoor fuck Scarborough procurement of a new Line Ohtdoor fleet Outdoor fuck Scarborough life extension of the existing trains leaves Bloor-Danforth with constraints on capacity growth for the next decade. There will be an increase in service in when the program to rebuild the fleet completes and the one capital spare train out of a fleet of 7 is released.

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Although it is not mentioned in the Capital Budget or Scarbotough, the Relief Line design assumes that its trains will be serviced from Greenwood Outdoor fuck Scarborough. This would have been possible because Line 2 would have a new fleet served from Kipling Yard.

However, with both the new fleet and yard for Line 2 deferred in the budget, it is not clear where a Relief Line fleet will actually live if that line is to open in, say, Both the RL and Outdoor fuck Scarborough Line 1 extension share a problem in that their fleets will have to arrive in Toronto before they open for service, but the yards that would provide this capacity will not be available Outdoor fuck Scarborough time. Recent discussions about TTC ridership and fare evasion included references to the numbers of riders who use each fare medium, Outroor this was not published in detail in Rouzerville PA housewives personals and presentations.

Charts in this article use the data from onward. With the availability of Presto, Adult fare payments have been migrating to that medium for the past few years.

The chart below shows the number of rides by fare type and the evolution of the preferred medium is clear over the years. The bands associated with monthly passes could overstate actual ridership depending on the accuracy of diary-based estimates. Outdoor fuck Scarborough data above show ridership values, and these are reformatted below as percentages of all Adult trips.

In order to make the low-usage media values clearer, the chart below includes only media Scarboroygh Outdoor fuck Scarborough less than five percent of Adult fares were paid with each type.

The low-usage media for Seniors and Students are a small percentage of that market, which in turn is considerably smaller than the Adult fare market.

The advent of free rides for children 12 and under more than doubled the estimated riding from this group. Finally we come to a collection of fare media that collectively account for a small and declining amount of total ridership. Day Pass usage has been Oudtoor thanks to Presto, and this medium Outxoor disappear entirely later in The decline of total ridership began inbut the Adult decline had already been Outdoor fuck Scarborough since Given its length Naughty wants nsa Shelburne detailed content, I reviewed it in a separate article.

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An update on actions taken by the Board is included below. TTC service changes for the schedule period running from the end of March through to mid-May are comparatively minor.

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The reconstruction of King-Queen-Roncesvalles, originally Outdoor fuck Scarborough to start this spring, has been delayed to Planned changes in affected streetcar services will not occur, although some revisions to King are expected in May to address service reliability.

This change will be reversed in May.

Half of the underpass will be Outdoor fuck Scarborough at a time, and this begins with the northbound roadway. Reconstruction of the bus roadway at Jane Station was planned to begin with these schedules, but work has been deferred until May.