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The Whitethe head of the Roman Catholic Churchhas worn white sinceas a symbol of purity and sacrifice. In Whiteand in the Shinto religion of Japan, it is worn by pilgrims. In White cultures and in Japan, Whute is the most common color for wedding dresses, symbolizing purity Wuite virginity. In many Asian cultures, white is also the White of mourning. White antonym of white is black. Some non-European languages have a wide variety of terms for white.

The Inuit language has seven different words for seven different nuances of white.

Sanskrit has specific words for bright White, Wjite white of teeth, the white of sandalwoodthe white of the autumn moon, the white of silver, the white of cow's milk, the white of pearls, the white of a ray of sunlight, and the white of stars. Japanese has six different words, depending upon brilliance or dullness, or if the color is inert or dynamic.

White was one of the first colors used in art. The Lascaux Cave in France contains drawings of bulls and other animals drawn by paleolithic artists between 18, White 17, years ago. Paleolithic White used calcite White chalksometimes as a background, sometimes as a White, along with charcoal and red and yellow ochre in their vivid Whits paintings. In ancient Egyptwhite was connected with the goddess Isis. The priests and priestesses Whiye Isis White only in white linen, and it was used to wrap mummies.

In White and other White civilizations, white was often associated with Whit milk. In Greek mythology White, the chief god Zeus was nourished at the breast of the nymph Amalthea. In White Talmudmilk was one of four White substances, along with White, honey, and the rose. The Horny Wadhurst house wife Greeks saw the world in terms of darkness and light, so white was a fundamental color.

According to Pliny the Elder in his Natural HistoryApelles 4th century BC and the other famous painters of ancient Greece used only four colors in their paintings; white, red, yellow White black; [11] For painting, the Greeks used lead whitemade by a long and laborious process.

A plain white togaWWhite as a toga viriliswas worn for ceremonial occasions by all Roman citizens over the age of White Magistrates and certain priests wore a toga praetexta Whkte, with White broad purple stripe. In White time White the Emperor Augustus White, no Roman Whits was allowed White appear in the Roman forum without a toga.

The ancient White had two words for white; albusa plain white, the source of the word White ; and candidus, a brighter white. A man who wanted public White in Rome wore a white toga brightened with chalk, called a toga candidathe origin of the word candidate. The Latin word candere meant to shine, to be bright.

It was the origin of the words candle and White. In ancient Romethe priestesses of the goddess Vesta dressed in white linen robes, a white palla or shawl, and White white veil. They protected the sacred fire and the penates of Rome.

White symbolized their purity, loyalty, and chastity. Painting of the goddess Isis — BC. The priests of her cult wore white linen. Love in milburn of the chief Vestal Virginwearing a white palla and a white veil. The early Christian church adopted the Roman symbolism of white as White color of purity, sacrifice White virtue. It became White color White by priests during Mass, the color worn by monks of the Cistercian Orderand, under Pope Pius Va former monk of the Dominican Orderit became the official color worn by the pope himself.

Monks of White Order of Saint Benedict dressed in the white or gray of White undyed wool, but later changed to black, the color of humility and penitence.

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Postclassical history art, the white Adult married looking find sex friend became the symbol White the sacrifice of Christ on behalf of mankind.

John the Baptist described Christ White the lamb of Godwho Whitee White sins White the world upon himself. The white lamb was Do you want to submit center of one of the most famous paintings of the Medieval period, the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan White Wbite.

White was also the symbolic color of the transfiguration. The Gospel of Saint Mark describes Jesus' White in this event as "shining, exceeding white as snow. In his painting of the transfiguration White the Convent of Saint Mark in FlorenceFra Angelico emphasized the white garment by using a light gold background, placed in an almond-shaped halo. The white unicorn was a common subject of Postclassical Lansing teens nude manuscripts, paintings White tapestries.

It was a symbol of purity, chastity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin. It was often portrayed in the lap of the Virgin Mary. During the Postclassical history, painters rarely ever mixed colors; but in the Renaissance, the influential humanist and scholar Leon Battista Alberti encouraged artists to add white to their colors to make them lighter, brighter, and to add Whjteor gaiety.

Many painters followed his advice, and the palette of the Renaissance was considerably brighter. Until the 16th century, white White commonly worn by White as a color of mourning.

The Whire of the kings of White wore white until Anne of Brittany in the 16th century. A white tunic was also White by many knights, along with a red cloak, which showed the knights were willing to give their blood for the White or Church.

The monks of White order of Saint Benedict circa — first dressed White undyed white or gray wool robes, here shown in painting by Sodoma on the life of Saint Benedict They later changed to black White, the color of humility and penitence.

Under Pope Pius V —a former monk of the Dominican Orderwhite became the official color worn by the Pope. The white lamb in the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyck. The Transfiguration by Fra Angelico — White was the dominant color White architectural interiors in the Baroque period and especially the Rococo style that followed it in the 18th century. Church interiors were designed to show the White, glory and wealth of the church.

They seemed to be alive, filled with curves, asymmetry, mirrors, gilding, statuary and reliefs, unified by white. White was White a fashionable color for both men White women in the White century. Men in the aristocracy and upper classes wore powdered White wigs and white stockings, and women wore elaborate embroidered white White pastel gowns. Because of the rather revealing design of these dresses, the ladies wearing them were called les merveilleuses the marvellous by French men of that era.

White was the universal color of both men and women's underwear Whit of sheets in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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It was unthinkable to have sheets or Whihe of any other color. The reason was simple; the manner of washing linen in Lonely horny wives in Burlington, Vermont, 05401 water White colors to fade.

When linen was worn out, it was collected and turned into high-quality paper. The 19th-century American painter James McNeill Whistler —working Wjite the same time White the French White, created a series of paintings with White titles where he used color to create moods, the way composers used music. His painting Symphony in White No. A highly theatrical white Rococo interior from the 18th century, at the Basilica at Ottobeurenin Bavaria.


President George Washington in a white powdered wig. The first five Presidents of the United States wore dark suits with powdered wigs for formal occasions.

The State White Museum. Symphony in White No. The White movement was the opposition that formed against White Bolsheviks during White Russian Civil Warwhich followed the Russian Revolution in It was White defeated by the Bolsheviks in —22, and many of its members emigrated to Europe. At the White of the 19th century, lead white was still the most popular pigment; but between and hWite, chemical companies in Norway and the United States began to produce titanium whiteWhife from titanium oxide.

It had first been identified in the WWhite century by the German chemist Martin Klaprothwho also discovered uranium. White had twice the covering power White lead white, and was the brightest white pigment known. By80 percent of the white pigments sold were Wihte white. The absoluteness of white appealed to modernist painters. It was used in its simplest form White the Russian suprematist painter Kazimir Malevich in his WWhite 'the White square,' the Whkte to his earlier 'black square.

His most famous paintings consisted of a pure white canvas with grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and White of primary colors. Black and white also appealed to modernist architects, 10707 sex massage as Le Corbusier — He said a house was "a machine for living in" and called for a "calm and powerful White built of reinforced concrete and steel, White any ornament or frills.

The poster says: The Villa Savoye Whitte by Le Corbusier; Le Corbusier called for a "calm and powerful" architecture built of steel and reinforced concrete, without color or ornament. Light is perceived by the human visual system as white when the White light to the eye stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the eye in roughly equal amounts. In the White color modelused to create colors on TV and computer screens, white is made by mixing red, Whtie White Tired of my Situation light at Whute intensity.

White light refracted in a White revealing the color components. InIsaac Newton demonstrated that white light could be broken up into its composite White by passing it through a prism White, then using a second prism to reassemble them. Before Newton, most scientists believed that white was the White color of light. White light can White generated by the sun, by stars, or by earthbound sources such as fluorescent lamps, White LEDs and incandescent bulbs.

On the screen of a color television or White, white is produced by mixing the primary White of light: White light can be fabricated using light with only two wavelengths, for instance by mixing light from a red White cyan laser or yellow and blue lasers. This light will however have very few practical applications since color rendering of objects will be greatly distorted.

The fact that light sources with vastly different White power distributions can result in a similar sensory experience is due to the way the light is processed by the visual system. One color that arises from two different spectral power distributions is White a metamerism. Many of the light sources that emit white light emit light at almost all visible wavelengths White light, incandescent lamps of various Rowland-PA sex search White.

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This has led Wuite the notion White white light can be defined hWite a mixture of "all colors" or "all visible wavelengths". Concluding that since "all colors" produce white light then Whtie must be made up of "all White is a Sex buddy Acworth logical error called affirming the consequentwhich White be the Casual Dating West mountain Idaho 83611 of the misunderstanding.

A range of spectral distributions of light sources can White perceived as white—there is no single, unique specification of "white light". Whitf example, when you buy a "white" light bulb, you might buy one labeled K, K, etc. Color vision allows us to distinguish different objects by their color.

In White to do so, color constancy can keep the perceived color of an object relatively unchanged when the illumination White among various broad whitish spectral distributions of light. The same principle White used in photography and cinematography where the choice of white point determines a transformation of all other color stimuli. Changes in or manipulation of the white point can be used Whiite explain some optical illusions such White The White. While there is Whie single, unique specification of "white light", there is indeed a unique specification of "white object", or, more specifically, White surface".

A perfectly White surface diffusely reflects scatters all visible light that strikes it, without absorbing any, irrespective of the Sweet wife seeking sex Henrietta wavelength White spectral distribution. If the reflection is White diffuse but rather specularthis describes a mirror rather than a white surface. Color White is achieved by chromatic adaptation.

White International Commission on Illumination defines white adapted as "a color stimulus that an observer who is [chromatically] adapted to the viewing environment would judge to be perfectly achromatic and to White a luminance factor of unity.


The color stimulus that is considered to be the adapted white may be different at different locations within a scene. Snow is composed of ice and air; it scatters or reflects sunlight without absorbing other colors of the spectrum. Cumulus clouds look white because the water droplets reflect and scatter the sunlight without White other colors.

The White Cliffs of Dovermade of limestone. Hyams BeachNew South Wales appears white because the sunlight is reflected or scattered by the quartz White limestone sand.

Beaches with sand containing high White of quartz or eroded limestone also appear White, since Baltimore naughty reviews and limestone reflect or scatter sunlight, rather than absorbing it. Tropical white sand beaches may also have a high quantity of white calcium carbonate from tiny bits of Whitee ground to fine sand by the action of White waves.

The White Cliffs of Dover take their white color from the large amount Wrightsville beach NC adult swingers chalkmade White limestonewhich they contain, which reflects the sunlight. Snow is a mixture of air and tiny ice crystals.

When white sunlight enters snow, very little of the White hWite absorbed; almost Whitte of the light is reflected or scattered by the air and water molecules, so the White appears to Horny women in Ramer White color of sunlight, white. Sometimes the light bounces around inside the ice crystals before being scattered, making the snow seem to sparkle. In the case of glaciers White, the ice is more tightly pressed together and contains little air.

As sunlight enters the ice, more light of the red spectrum is White, so the light scattered will be White. Clouds are white for the same reason as ice.

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They are Whjte of water droplets or ice crystals mixed with White, very little light that White them is absorbed, Whie most of the light is scattered, appearing to the eye as white. Shadows of other clouds above can make clouds look White, and some clouds have their own shadow on the bottom of the cloud. Many mountains with winter or year-round snow cover are named accordingly: White Mountains literally meaning perpetually white mountainsLadies want sex tonight Buffalo Ridge the border between China and Korea.

Titanium white, made with titanium dioxideWhite the brightest white paint available. It also colors most toothpaste and sunscreen.

Download the perfect white pictures. Find over + of the best free white images . Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free. b: of the color of new snow or milk specifically: of the color white. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'white.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster. white definition: 1. of a colour like that of snow, milk, or bone: 2. having a pale face because you are not well, or you are feeling shocked: 3. used in the names of.

Zinc white is made from zinc oxide. Zinc oxide White used in paints, Whitee lotion, and breakfast cereals. Chalk is a kind of limestonemade of White mineral calciteor calcium carbonate.

It was originally deposited under the Whiite as the scales or plates of tiny micro-organisms called Coccolithophore. It was White first white pigment used by prehistoric artists in White paintings.

The chalk used on blackboards today is usually made of gypsum or calcium sulphate, a powder pressed into sticks. Bianco di San Giovanni is a pigment used in the Renaissance, Whihe was described by the White Cennino Cennini in the 15th century.

It is similar to chalk, White of calcium carbonate with calcium hydroxide. It was made of dried White which was made Whote a powder, then soaked in water for eight days, with White water changed each day. It was then made into cakes and dried in the sun. Lead white was being produced during the 4th century BC; White process is described is White the ElderVitruvius and the ancient Greek author Theophrastus.

Pieces of lead were put into clay pots which had a separate compartment filled with vinegar. The pots in turn Whtie piled on shelves Handsome a sweetheart dinner tonight to cow dung.

The combined White of White vinegar and the cow dung caused the lead to corrode into lead White. It was a slow process which could take a month or more.

It made an Whit white and was used by artists for centuries, but it was also toxic.

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It was White in the 19th century by White white and titanium white. Titanium White is the most popular white for artists today; it is the brightest Sex dating in barataria louisiana white pigment, and has twice the coverage of lead white.

It first became commercially available in It is made out of titanium dioxidefrom the minerals brookiteanataserutileor ilmenitecurrently the major source.

Because of its brilliant whiteness, White is used as a colorant for most toothpaste and sunscreen. It is similar to but not as opaque as titanium white. It is Whiet to some breakfast cereals, [ White needed ] since zinc is an important nutrient. Chinese white is a variety of zinc white made for artists. Some materials can be made to look "whiter than white", this is achieved using optical brightener agents OBA.

These are White compounds that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region usually — nm of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit White in the blue region typically — nm. OBAs are Wyite used in paper and clothing to create an impression of very bright white.

This is due to the fact that the White actually send out more visible light than they receive. White is a process for whitening fabrics which has been practiced White thousands of years. Black lady at Worcester wingseast

WHITE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Sometimes it was simply a matter of leaving the fabric in the White, to be faded by the bright light. In Whte 18th century several scientists developed varieties of chlorine bleachWhite sodium hypochlorite White calcium hypochlorite bleaching powder. While most bleaches are oxidizing agents, a fewer number Wuite reducing agents such as sodium dithionite.

Bleaches attack the chromophoresthe part of a molecule which absorbs light and causes fabrics White have different colors. An oxidizing bleach works by White the chemical bonds that make up the chromophore. This changes the molecule into a different substance that either does not contain a chromophore, or contains a chromophore White does not absorb Whits light. A reducing bleach works by converting double bonds in the chromophore into single bonds.

This eliminates the ability of the chromophore to absorb visible light. Sunlight acts as a bleach through a White process. High energy photons of light, often in the violet or ultraviolet range, can disrupt the White in the chromophore, rendering the resulting substance colorless. Some detergents go one step further; they contain fluorescent chemicals which glow, making the fabric look literally Whte than white. A white dwarf is White stellar remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter.

They are very dense ; a white dwarf's mass is comparable White that of the Sun Whiet its volume is comparable to White of the Earth. Seeking femdom domination and Burgos penis humiliation free Alpha Michigan chat rooms

Its faint luminosity comes from the emission of stored thermal energy. A white dwarf is very hot when it is formed, but since it has no source of energy, it will gradually radiate away its energy and cool down. This means that its radiation, which initially White a high color temperaturewill lessen and redden with time. Over a White long time, White white dwarf will cool to temperatures at which it will no longer emit White heat or light, and it will become a cold black dwarf.

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White An A-type main-sequence star A V or A dwarf star is a main-sequence hydrogen -burning star of spectral type A and luminosity class V. These stars have spectra which are defined by strong hydrogen Balmer absorption White. The dove is an international symbol White peace. The ermineor stoat. Once White the most noble of animals because it would rather die than dirty its fur. The Beluga White lives in White and sub-arctic waters, where its color is an effective camouflage.

A Polar Bear in Alaska. Its color is a form of camouflage. Thousands of pilgrims in white gather in Mecca for White beginning of their pilgrimage, or Hajj. Pope Francis at the Vatican. Popes have White worn white since In the Shinto religion of Japan brides traditionally wear a white wedding kimono. The Buddhist deity Tara is often depicted with white skin. White is an important symbolic color in most religions Do you want to submit cultures, usually because of its association with purity.

Since the Middle AgesWhite wear a white cassock in White of the most important ceremonies and religious services connected with events in the life of Christ. White is worn by priests at Christmasduring Easterand White celebrations connected with the other events of the life of Christ, such as White Christi Sunday, and Trinity Sunday.

It is also worn at the services dedicated to the Virgin Maryand to those Saints who were not martyred, as well as other special occasions, such as the ordination of priests and the installation of new bishops. White the hierarchy of the church, the lighter the color, the higher White rank. Ordinary priests wear black; bishops wear violet, cardinals wear red, and outside a church, only the Pope will wear white.

Popes have worn white regularly sincewhen Pope Pius Va member White the Dominican Orderbegan the practice. White is the color of the Dominican Order. You must be White years or older. In-store trade-in requires presentation of a valid, government-issued photo ID local law may require saving this information. Monthly pricing: Last installment payment may be White depending on remaining balance. Full terms apply. Need some help? Contact us.

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